Welcome to Full Circle

Cycle of life is like a circle

‘Full Circle’ is about fulfilment of work life within the circle of life. The perfect circle is the one where equal opportunities are provided based on equitable policies for all employees to achieve superior organizational results.

The way forward is to build organizations that offer such policies and opportunities; ensuring mutual respect, fair play and justice for all, creating an environment where men and women coexist in harmony, complement each others skills and lend equally strong shoulders to each other in their persuit for excellence.


Received Indian Achievers award 2022 in recognition of outstanding professional achievement and contribution in nation building….. https://www.iafindia.com/mrs-sunita-thawani/

"Full Circle is pleased to announce its Empanelment by Ministry of Women & Child Development, Government of India, to Provide Training and Awareness Sessions on the Law of Sexual Harrasement at Workplace."

    Founder CEO

    Sunita Thawani, Founder CEO of ‘Full Circle’ is an accomplished professional with senior management and Board Room experience.

    Sunita has 25 years of rich legal working experience with the Tata Group. She started her career as a lawyer in the … 

    Chief mentor and coach

    Suresh Thawani, Chief Coach & Mentor, ‘Full Circle’ is a Metallurgist by profession and is a certified Executive Coach. He graduated from IIT, Kharagpur in 1972 and has done CEO Coach Accreditation program with CFI (Coaching Foundation of India), Chennai in 2011.

    Advisory Board

    Roma Balwani

    Roma Balwani, Director, Strategic Resources Group, Former President, Group Communications, ...

    M.S. Bali

    M.S. BALI joined the Indian Police Service (I.P.S.) in the year 1976 as an Assistant Superintendent ...

    Chetan Tolia

    Chetan Tolia bringsexperience of working in large organizations. In a 30-year career in Tata companies, ...

    Anubhav Kapoor

    Anubhav Kapoor is Director of Legal Affairs - FORD INDIA and is based out of Pune. Anubhav has vast experience ...

    Krishnava Dutt

    Krishnava Dutt’s experience encompasses the entire repertoire of corporate commercial practice ...