Mentees and colleagues

“Sunita is a professional par excellence. As a senior woman leader,she is a role model who inspires men and women all around her. She is valued very high in the professional circles within and outside TATA Group.

Her burning desire to create women leaders gave birth to JUSCO Women @ work . This forum revolutionized the thinking process of the women at JUSCO.The women who earlier thought themselves just as working women, busy only with trying to balance their work and personal lives, started thinking themselves as corporate executives who also had all the right to be ambitious professionally and seek their goals strategically. The forum created trusted relationships and bonding among women executives and gave them insight into leadership. Some of us including me have discovered mentors within ourselves and are enjoying our new role of helping others in their journey.

She played a pivotal role of mentor, guide and a torch bearer. At the same time she succeeded in positively influencing the management to introduce women friendly policies.

Now, in the fourth inning of her career as a founder CEO of “Full Circle” she will be preparing women for leadership roles and helping them to come back in their careers after a break. I wish her all the best and am sure that she will be instrumental in fulfilling many lives.”

Preeti Sehgal

Company Secretary, JUSCO

“It gives me immense pleasure to pen these thoughts. I met Sunita in one of the Women’s Forum meeting that I was also attending with her. She came across as a usual Corporate woman who has been doing well in her career. But once I came to know her closely, I came to understand that inside this smart looking person, there is a woman of METAL.

Sunita has been a mentor since then. She has taught me never to give up or feel disheartened in any situation. During our women’s forum meeting she narrated a personal story which is still fresh in my mind till date. She has been a guiding force for many women in and out of her organization and has a firm belief that perseverance and dedication can help you conquer any feat . To sum it all, a quote by Sunita which talks volumes about her personality “I thought I was not strong for the journey, but it is the journey that made me strong….”


Ritu Mathur Yadvendra

Chief Regulatory Advocacy Tata Teleservices


Dear Sunita,

“There is just so much to learn from everywhere & every one we meet & every relation we cherish…….& you have such a special place in it.
But for your push, I would have waited, for things to happen on its own…

Thank you so much once again…..”



“Sunita ma’m is a hard core professional but with a heart of gold. She looks after her work with the same finesse as she takes care of the people around her. With her constant zeal of making the work place compatible with the needs of women, finally she has started her own firm. Her passion and enthusiasm towards the issue is truly inspiring.”

Trisa Sarkar

PGP at IIM Ahmedabad


“Sunita is a wonderful person a great mentor. giving correct and proper advice whether legal or otherwise. A professional, a role model for women, a champion for furthering women’s future in the corporate world. She commanded great respect from those who directly reported to her and also from everyone else irrespective of the level.”

Harpreet Sokhi

Dy Director (Communications & Resource Development) at Khushboo Welfare Society

“For me, you have a made a difference in the way I think and act. You have been the source of inspiration for me. Your achievements serve as a boost for me to aim high and work for it.”



“You have left your indelible mark, We will miss your professional expertise and guidance. You were the best anyone could ever wish for! Thank you so much for your every time guidance support and encouragement. Thanks for everything. Wish you only success and happiness in your future endeavours – may they be all that you hoped for!”

Jyoti Hansda

Deputy Manager (Horticulture) JUSCO ( A TATA Enterprise)

“These three years under your able guidance would be cherished by me. Thank you for being there and forming JUSCO women at work. It has brought many of us together and given strength and confidence to perform in this organization.”

Sapna Jaiswal

Architect , PEC JUSCO

“I want to express my sincere appreciation for your conceptualization of JUSCO woman@work.The sessions are realistic, informative & Interactive, I am sure it would by and large benefit all of us.As a new joinee it has and will give me a platform to learn, unlearn and relearn from everybody present, with their own share of experiences and thought process.”



“Since my early childhood, I had a dream to become a lawyer. I eventually studied law and practiced in court for a few years but due to my children’s birth I had to take a break. At that time I was fortunate to meet Mrs Thawani who encouraged me to get back to work.Today I am a permanent employee of a Tata Company. Throughout this journey she mentored and guided me step by step. She is my role model who inspired me to fulfil my dream and get back to work. But for her, I would have been sitting at home.”

Sanchita Mandal

Assistant Manager Legal JUSCO

“There is no such dream which Sunita Thawani sees and cannot make it come true, if she sets her mind to it. She never gives up on anything. The first day I met her, I had somehow known that I had met my mentor, chosen for me, by destiny. I was in the hands of a leader who knows how to bring out the best in every person she takes under her wings.”

Mona Bahadur

“I always look up to you, since whatever little I have achieved today is because you gave me that life changing nudge on that day I met you. At times it happens we hardly realize the importance of a chance meeting, but in retrospection we see that it was a landmark moment of our life. For me meeting you was indeed a life changing event, I would not have been a Company Secretary if it had not been for that meeting with you.”

Mona Bahadur

Company Secretary

“मैडम बहुत शक्तिशाली महिला हैं जो हर मामले में रचनात्मक विचारधारा रखती हैं. सब की सुनती हैं लेकिन अपनी करती हैं. मेरे इस छोटे से पोस्ट में उनके बारे में सब कुछ लिखना संभव नहीं लेकिन; इतना ज़रूर हैं क़ि वैसे तो  पढ़ी लिखी स्त्रियाँ बहुत हैं लेकिन समाज या  देश के बारे में  सकारात्मक ढंग से सोचने वाली स्त्रियों की सूची में मैडम का नाम  ऊपर दिखाई देगा.   उस विभाग को जहाँ की वह संचालक हैं उस को आयाम देने की उनकी छमता अद्वतीय है जो उन्हों ने सिद्ध कर दिया है और मैं उसका जीता जागता  गवाह हूँ.”

E A Khan

“I saw a woman of great substance in Sunita Ma’am. A great team leader, mentor, energetic and innovative thinker. Never give up attitude and enterprising. I wish her all the best for fulfilment of her dream to see more and more women leaders and a better workplace for all men and women through her newly found venture ‘Full Circle’.”

Arun Mishra

Manager IT at JUSCO