About Us

About Us

Cycle of life is like a circle

‘Full Circle’ is about fulfilment of work life within the circle of life. The perfect circle is the one where equal opportunities are provided based on equitable policies for all employees to achieve superior organizational results.

The way forward is to build organizations that offer such policies and opportunities; ensuring mutual respect, fair play and justice for all, creating an environment where men and women coexist in harmony, complement each others skills and lend equally strong shoulders to each other in their persuit for excellence.

Welcome! To ‘Full Circle’; a platform for a fulfilling future, where it’s architects advise the organizations how to create the perfect work life circle within which will blossom every man and woman’s dreams.


‘Full Circle’, by engaging with organizations, will strive to instil fulfilment in employees. It would do so by impressing organizations to:

1. Recognize the benefits of gender inclusivity in the workforce

2. Appreciate the values and skills women employees bring into the organization

3. Provide equitable opportunities to women employees suitable to their work life cycle

4. Promote and educate all employees about benefits of diversity of workforce

5. Foster culture of discretionary work by engaged employees for improved organizational outcomes

6. To create climate of leadership development in society and organizations by focusing on external interventions in work life of individuals


‘Full Circle’ aspires to: Create a suitable climate in organizations to foster retention and growth of women employees through equal opportunities based on equitable policies

Develop leadership skills of employees in the organization

Improve organizational effectiveness by enhancing employee engagement