Awareness Workshops on sensitization of the issues and implications of workplace sexual harassment

  • Difference between Harassment in general and Sexual Harassment
  • Knowing stereotypes associated with men & women and how they affect the conscious and subconscious behaviour at workplaces
  • Psychology of sexual harassment and understanding it in an organizational context
  • Myths and facts about Sexual Harassment.
  • Impact of Sexual Harassment on the individuals, Institutions and society
  • Definitionand different forms of sexual harassment as per the Act
  • Awareness of other important legal definitions of the law
  • Consensual relationships and allegations of Sexual Harassment
  • Rights and obligations of Complainant and Accused
  • Potentially devastating consequences of offensive behaviour, both to the Institution and to the offender
  • Awareness on false or malicious charges
  • Employers’ mandatory obligations under the act and penalties for non-compliance
  • Checklists of Do’s and don’ts for men employees, observers and employer
  • How employees can co create a safe and respective workplace.

Note: These workshops are further customized to suit the industry and profile of participants such as (Directors on Board, Senior Management, Managers, other Employees, Workers, New joinees, Suppliers, Distributors and other Stakeholders etc)

Also includes:

  1. Pre workshop questionnaire to evaluate participants current understanding of Sexual Harassment to customize the contents accordingly.
  2. Case Studies
  3. Impactful interactive exercises
  4. Post workshop material


  • Participants will know each other’s ‘Expectations & Anxieties’
  • They will understand Perceptions and Causes of Misunderstandings
  • They will become aware of benefits of Inculcating ‘Respect for Self (Morale) & Respect for Others’ (Spirit of Collaboration)
  • Awareness will come on elements of what is unacceptable behaviour as per law
  • They will start ‘Doing Right Things Right First Time Every Time’
  • Salient provisions of law Compliances and consequences for non- compliance